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We are your Guardians....that watch over you!

Every day matters, each breath we take has meaning. Time spent with family is most important and our team will help you stay at home for as long as possible despite your illness, injury or old age challenges. Consult with us about your home care needs…

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Neytiri's Wings of Angels
Personal Care Assistance

thumbnailNeytiri’s Wings of Angels Personal Care Assistance is a non-medical home care provider based in Shoreacres, Texas. We serve the surrounding counties and neighboring cities with staff who are ready to help with your daily living activities.

Our commitment stems from experience of many years in the industry of home care. We’ve gotten to know our clients, we know what they go through every day. It is only fitting that with our professional capacities, we should provide a helping hand.

We take care of clients who are:

  • Rendered homebound due to illness or disability
  • Intent on remaining at home or their preferred living environment to be close to family members
  • In need of intermittent or regular assistance with daily living activities

If you or a family member falls into one of the above listed situations, call Neytiri’s Wings of Angels Personal Care Assistance for help. We will be happy to assess your home care needs and devise a care plan that will specifically address the multi-faceted health management requirements right in your home.

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About Us

We are your guardians and stewards that watch over your health at home… we are Neytiri's Wings of Angels Personal Care Assistance!

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